Kurt and Philip are two brothers, age 10 and 11, and one night they get sucked in their beds... Sucked into another dimension, that is! This dimension is filled with monsters and, under the guidance of an evil lady called Mallorie, want to take over the earth. So the boys have to protect the gate between the two dimensions. Gatekeepers! 
That's the story of our Graduation Project! A project of Médard Vriend and me. Because we have a mutual obsession with films and 80's cartoons (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Transformers etc.), we wanted to create a leader that brings you back to the old days! Cartoon leaders back in the day were better than the cartoons themselves; action-packed and filled with sick camera movements. 
With a visual style that fits the cartoons you see today, but with the structure of 80's cartoon leaders and full of movie and cartoon references and little jokes, we made a tribute to the things we loved (and still love) in our youth. 
The whole project was done frame by frame and drawn by hand. A technique we only had a tiny bit of experience in!